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Core Values

At Future Leaders Initiative SL, our core values guide every step we take, every decision we make, and every life we touch. These values define who we are and the unwavering commitment we have towards ending violence against children, women, and girls.

Dignity: We champion the inherent worth of every child, woman, and girl. We recognize the power of their stories and voices in shaping not only their lives but also the development of their communities and our entire nation. We stand as guardians of their dignity and human rights, ready to defend them at all costs.

Education: Education is the cornerstone of our organization. It's more than just knowledge; it's a path to socialization, peace, and awareness. We believe that every vulnerable and less privileged young person deserves the opportunity to access education, to break barriers, and to embrace a brighter future.

Equality: Within our organization, equality isn't just a word; it's a guiding principle. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, from within our walls to those outside, is treated with fairness and respect. We strive to provide equal opportunities, creating an environment where every individual can maximize their potential.

Peace: At the heart of our ethos lies the rejection of violence, bullying, discrimination, and provocation. Peace and love are the foundations on which we build our mission. We firmly believe that these values hold the potential to illuminate the path towards a brighter, safer future for all.

Transformation: We are driven by the belief that transformation is not just a possibility; it's our destiny. We trust in the power of passionate hearts and meticulously crafted plans to journey alongside the needy, to uplift their lives, and to catalyze change that echoes through generations.

Shared Desires and Common Values: Our aspirations are simple yet profound. We aim to protect, promote, empower, and educate every young person about their human rights, responsibilities, and the universal rights of children, transcending boundaries of race, tribe, religion, and ethical background.

At Future Leaders Initiative SL, our core values are not just words on a page; they are the driving force propelling us forward. With these values as our compass, we strive to create a world where violence has no place, where dignity is upheld, education is accessible, equality reigns, peace prevails, and transformation blossoms. Together, we work tirelessly to fulfill our shared desires and to bring about a brighter, safer, and more just future for all.

Aim & Objectives

Child-Parenting Education

  • Provide comprehensive child-parenting education to parents, caregivers, and individuals working with children.

  • Promote effective parenting practices for the holistic development of children. (SDG 3)

Human Rights Education

  • Educate parents and children about fundamental human rights.

  • Enhance their capacity to combat injustice and promote equality. (SDG 4)

Street Children Reunification

  • Reconnect missing street children with their families to safeguard them from abuse and exploitation.

  • Ensure their rights and protection are upheld. (SDG 16)

Counseling Support:

  • Offer counseling services to parents, families, and communities facing challenges.

  • Assist them in overcoming difficulties and fostering healthy environments. (SDG 3)

Youth Leadership Training:

  • Empower young people with leadership skills through online and offline workshops, webinars, and conferences.

  • Equip them to contribute positively to local and global communities. (SDG 4)

Promotion of Childhood Quality

  • Work towards preserving the beauty and quality of childhood experiences for all children.

  • Advocate for their rights, well-being, and development. (SDG 5)

Peaceful Atmosphere

  • Create an environment conducive to the promotion of peace and harmony.

  • Instill values of tolerance, understanding, and cooperation among children and youth.

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