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General Comment No. 26

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has released General Comment No. 26, addressing children's rights in relation to the environment, with a specific emphasis on the issue of climate change. The significant and far-reaching challenges posed by the triple planetary crisis, which encompasses the climate emergency, the decline of biodiversity, and widespread pollution, present an urgent and comprehensive threat to the well-being of children's rights on a global scale. The impetus and driving force behind the creation of this general comment stemmed from the actions of children who tirelessly raised awareness about environmental crises.

During its 2016 day of general discussion on children's rights and the environment, the Committee was enriched by the invaluable insights of children. Furthermore, a diverse and committed children's advisory team played a crucial role in guiding the consultation process for the development of the general comment. This process garnered an impressive 16,331 contributions from children representing 121 countries. These contributions were collected through a variety of methods, including online surveys, focus groups, and in-person national and regional consultations.

Additionally, the Committee actively engaged with inputs from States, experts, and various stakeholders during two rounds of consultations focused on refining the concept note and initial draft of the general comment.

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