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Empowering Communities: Steps to Dignity -Ongoing

The Steps to Dignity project, which aims to establish the No Hit Zone community school and health clinic. This visionary endeavor encompasses a comprehensive three-building block facility poised to deliver essential services to the community. We are thrilled with the progress we have made, and we owe it all to your generous contributions. With your support, we are able to move forward with the project and make a positive impact on our community. Click the image to learn more


Empowering Women and Girls Through Film Editing:

FilmFemmes is a transformative initiative dedicated to equipping women and girls with the creative power of film editing. Our mission is to empower them with the skills to craft compelling narratives, amplify their voices, and advocate for change through the art of storytelling. Join us in igniting creativity, empowering voices, and fostering positive change, one frame at a time.


Mobile Education for Distance Learners

The Canopy Connect project, formerly known as Mobile Education, is preparing to launch its pilot stage. Developed in collaboration with Plan International Sierra Leone, the project's primary objective is to improve access to high-quality education for underserved learners in Sierra Leone. Our dedicated mission is to extend educational opportunities to street, village, and slum children aged between 10 and 19. Through this initiative, we are dedicated to delivering complimentary digital skills training and educational resources, ensuring these young individuals have the chance to thrive.

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